Party of Fools

Party of Fools

When the chosen Hero escapes on a clandestine worldwide food tour, delicious chaos follows.

What happens when a wayward immortal Emperor, a halfling metal bard, and a 60-year-old barbarian queen walk into a bar? They plan a worldwide food tour, of course! But first they have to escape the capital without being caught by the Captain of the Royal Guard, who’s bent on protecting the Emperor from pesky rebels—rebels who may already be Emperor Vallora’s new friends...

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About the Book

Ale’s Well That Ends Well…

Resistance members Reed Thorley and Gladys the Destroyer can’t believe their luck when the Immortal Emperor herself wanders into their favorite bar, unguarded and playacting an ordinary citizen. This is their chance to give the rebellion the upper hand against the Empire—after a few pints, of course. The middle-aged halfling musician and his elderly barbarian partner are seasoned enough to know that when Emperor Vallora invites them to join her worldwide food tour, their best bet is to say “Yes, chef!” and wait for an opportunity to strike.

 But hot as a greased griddle behind them comes Captain Andromeda Stagge, Vallora’s personal bodyguard, intent on returning the Emperor to the palace. She’s only doing her job. She isn’t pissed off at being left behind. It’s not as if the Emperor is her only real friend, given the difficulty of fitting in when you’re a 200-year-old autistic elf from a lower-class socioeconomic background. It isn’t that at all!

Vallora’s worldwide food tour hinges on her ability to escape the capital city with Reed and Gladys without being caught. The Emperor isn’t supposed to be sampling local cheeses in the company of commoners. Though why the most powerful person in the Endless Empire needs to be under lock and key in Zenith Palace is anyone’s guess…

Join the party on this brand new adventure comedy as the chase ensues. Make sure you have some good food on hand, because you’re bound to get hungry along the way.


Main Character, Andromeda: autistic, asexual, homoromantic (sapphic)
Main Character, Vallora: asexual, homoromantic (sapphic), trans woman
Support Characters, Gladys and Reed: aroace, age 50+, chronic pain, autistic (Gladys only)
Support Character, Jinny: aromantic pansexual, ADHD (diagnosis not used but rep is intentional)

Series: Empire of Eats
Genres: Aromantic, Asexual, Cozy, Fantasy, Lesbian, Short Reads, Transgender
Publisher: The Kraken Collective
Publication Year: 2024
ISBN: 9781958051719
List Price: 12
eBook Price: 3.99
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