Spiritual Successor

Spiritual Successor

A ghost-filled novella companion to FROM THE DARK WE CAME that follows a new bumbling academic Hunter trainee.

The ghost of Bellhaven wakes once more, and young Ebenether is charged with ending the haunt before it claims another victim--a task made harder by the watchful gaze of his mentor and hero, Belar Tomerian.

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About the Book

Expected Release: October

Local legend says that Bellhaven House keeps a ghost within its walls. Every year when the rains move in, the ghost wakes to claim a fresh soul for its own. Year after year, deluge after deluge, a child disappears. Nothing of them is ever found.

And so, the Hunters’ Association must step in.

Enter: Ebenether Virtue.

A Hunter trainee on the brink of graduation, all Ebenether must do is end the decades long grip of the Bellhaven ghost on the town of Hastings. Simple. After all, he’s been seeing ghosts all his life. Locating one more and convincing it to move on peacefully should be no trouble.

That is, if he can stop falling all over himself in the presence of his mentor (and long-time hero), veteran Hunter, Belar Tomerian. And if he can avoid the voices in the dark urging him to come and play.

Because the ghost already knows he’s there and it’s been waiting for someone just like him.

Representation for demisexual, pansexual, chronic pain, anxiety, and depression.

Series: Pointy Ears & Pointy Teeth, Book 1.5
Genres: Asexual, Horror, Pansexual/Panromantic, Paranormal, Short Reads
Publisher: The Kraken Collective
Publication Year: 2024
Illustrator: Miasmatik (MK Trahan) (cover)
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