Stake Sauce, Arc 2: Everybody’s Missing (Somebody)

Stake Sauce, Arc 2: Everybody’s Missing (Somebody)

Stake Sauce is a serial novel from author RoAnna Sylver, with new chapters released on Patreon. This collection includes all six acts of the second arc of the story.

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About the Book

Arc 2, In Which: Our friends, some old and some new, must awaken a powerful, centuries-old magical force – before an old enemy gets there first…

Life for Jude is finally getting back to normal – or as normal as it gets when your new boyfriend has fangs, your old maybe-boyfriend isn’t dead after all (and has even bigger fangs), and everyone’s scrambling to adjust their lives accordingly.

There’s enough to worry about without evil, ancient vampires closing in, preparing dark rituals, and threatening to undo everything Jude, Pixie, and their loved ones have built together. But as they’ve all seen, normal doesn’t tend to last for long. And it’s hard to shake the feeling that something’s missing.

But then, it seems like everybody’s missing somebody.

Content Notes:

  • Vampire violence/blood-drinking.
  • Missing persons.
  • Memory loss
  • Stress-related (unintentional and non-romanticized) weight loss.
  • On-page murder; light on gore, big on dramatic horror imagery.
  • Textbook, recognized deliberate abuser behavior from the villain on-page, both physical and emotional/mental.
  • Unhealthy (non-romanticized) vampire/human familiar dynamics.
  • References to past and current/ongoing abuse, including sexual.
  • Assault, kidnapping, attempted human sacrifice.
  • Reference to a near-death experience.
  • Family dysfunction.
  • PTSD, grief and abuse processing, neurodivergent brains dealing with trauma.
  • Depression, brief suicidal ideation. Sustained injury (concussion).
  • One sexually charged scene—not non-con or threatening, but does have (addressed) boundary/mental health problems.
Series: Modulating Frequencies, Stake Sauce, Book 2
Genres: Aromantic, Asexual, Gay, Horror, Paranormal, Polyamorous, Polysexual/Polyromantic, Romance, Transgender
Publisher: Kraken Collective Books
Publication Year: 2020
ISBN: 9798560152055
eBook Price: $4.99
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