Smoke and Steel

Smoke and Steel

One priestess only sees a perfect past; one only sees a frightening future. Saritrah only sees betrayal.

Smoke and Steel is the second book of the Scions & Shadows epic fantasy series.

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About the Book

At the Crossroads of Tomorrow

Being the youngest of the Sua royals never stopped Saritrah from scheming to take the throne. But violent insurrectionists shattered those plans when they stormed the palace and decimated her family.

In the years since, she has amassed an army and will return to claim her crown. However, Ashur, her one remaining sibling, has done the same, and she must act soon if she’s to secure her prize before he snatches it from her claws.

After Ashur razes the Temple of Yshuld, the surviving Seers promise her the power to ensure victory. But it will mean abandoning her legion to venture into the endless desert and locate a lost city.

Soon, however, she suspects that none of the women are who they claim to be, even to each other. One woman cryptically alludes to a paradisical past; another awakens in the night plagued by dreams of a frightening future; the last woman never speaks. But the more she questions her new companions’ motives, the more she must question her own.

Is the vision of calamity an omen of what will happen if she fails? Or a promise of what will come if she succeeds?

Queer Rep: Bisexual MC, agender and genderfluid support characters
Other Rep: PTSD
Series: Scions and Shadows, Book 3
Genres: Bisexual/Biromantic, Non-Binary
Publisher: The Kraken Collective
Publication Year: 2024
eBook Price: 3.99
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