Stars and Soil

Stars and Soil

Caught in a web of deception and conspiracies, Caitlin must fight for her life in the coming political chaos.

In the world of Scions and Shadows, old gods plot revenge on those that displaced them, oracles predict the rebirth of fallen immortals, and centuries of political conspiracies and divine machinations come to a heed.

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About the Book

Caitlin had her whole life planned out. She would live in the bustling port city of Whick with her “reformed” pirate wife and inherit her fathers’ trading business.

She did not intend to stumble into a riot, and become caught up in a revolution to create a world without nobility, poverty, and hunger. A revolution that would not just bring down a king, but fundamentally restructure society.

She did not want to catch the eye of a spoiled prince, one who would pillage the people of his nation even more harshly than his father. One known for taking petty bribes to enrich his friends while robbing the people.

She never asked to become a spy on behalf of the rebellion’s forces, to use the prince’s affections to gain access to information that might allow the rebellion to carry out its full plan.

She did not seek out the attention of an ancient magical order, one that has operated in secret for thousands of years, and which has its own mysterious motive.

But she did. Now, caught in a web of shifting loyalties, hidden agendas, and long-lived underground wars, she must fight for her own life in the coming political chaos.


Caitlin (MC): Bisexual
Brenna (LI): Pansexual and genderfluid
Arlina (LI):  Lesbian, PTSD representation

The world also includes an entire genderfluid race, as well as a large cast of side characters that include multiple sapphic and gay couples, as well as aro & ace characters (in and out of a QPR).

Content Warnings:

Abortion, Infertility, Pregnancy, Childbirth, Consensual Intercourse, Violence, Murder, Execution, Revolution, Domestic violence, Arson, Assault, Torture, Blood, Religious abuse, Consumption of alcohol

Series: Scions and Shadows
Genres: Bisexual/Biromantic, Fantasy, Lesbian, Non-Binary
eBook Price: 3.99
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