The Sea Spirit Festival

The Sea Spirit Festival

Your story is my story...

In which the Wagon crew reaches a coastal city in the middle of the Festival and finds themselves embroiled in the events far more ominous than fun games.

The Sea Spirit Festival is the third of nine novellas in a fantasy adventure wrapping the high stakes of epic fantasy in the warmth of cozy fantasy, all imbued with an aspec-focused queernormative world and strong platonic bonds.

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About the Book

Expected publication September 9

Fate and friendship brought Horace, Rumi, Keza, and Aliyah together in Rumi’s sentient self-propelling wagon. They seek the forest haunting Aliyah’s dream, hoping for answers about the elf’s past and unique abilities—but first, they need to traverse a world haunted by Fragments, dangerous shards that can possess travellers.

Their journey has brought them to Alleaze, a coastal city from which they hope to book passage across the ocean. But Alleaze’s regular life has stopped, giving way to the excitement of the Sea Spirit Festival, a weeks-long event. Forcefully grounded, the Wagon crew is more than happy to partake in the local festivities, brimming with games, seaside delicacies, and legends about the Bay.

But the Festival is more than one big celebration: it is a crucial time during which the Bay’s Spirit guides its residents to their new life path and chooses a Storm Catcher, a divine hero meant to revitalize the Spirit’s strength.

When the Festival winds down and no Storm Catcher has been chosen, panic washes over Alleaze and the Wagon crew finds itself embroiled in the subsequent chaos. In order to help Alleaze find its local hero and be allowed to sail out, they will need to confront the truth behind the legend of the Sea Spirit—and survive it.


Horace (e/em): aromantic, asexual, non-binary, ADHD
Aliyah (they/them)
: aromantic, asexual, non-binary
Rumi (he/him)
 : aromantic, asexual
Keza (she/her): cis allo lesbian

Includes several side characters across the queer spectrum, including multiple non-binary people with neopronouns

Content notes: forced feeding (pie-eating contest)

Series: The Chronicles of Nerezia
Genres: Aromantic, Asexual, Cozy, Fantasy, Non-Binary, Short Reads, Transgender
Publisher: The Kraken Collective
Publication Year: 2024
Illustrator: Eva I. (cover), Vanessa Isotton (Character Art), Claudie Arseneault (map)
ISBN: 9781738925940
eBook Price: 3.99
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