How to Bare Your Neck and Save a Wreck

How to Bare Your Neck and Save a Wreck

A cat-and-mouse of secret identities between a transmasc human and a he/they vampire as light power dynamics bloom into healthy roleplay and a hot gay paranormal romance.

Journalist Shane has been obsessed with vampires since kissing a masked, fanged criminal at a gala last fall. But when his investigations take him a little too close to the truth, he (and all his blood) end up purchased by the very vampire whose lips he can't stop daydreaming about.

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About the Book

“I only take what’s owed me, and you, my little swan, owe me blood.”

A single kiss from a masked vampire during Shane’s last journalistic endeavor has left him with an obsession and a mission: uncover the secrets of the black-market blood trade and find his mystery vampire in the process. But this investigation is dangerous. One knock at the wrong door and he could have fangs at his throat instead of lips.

Andres had been trying to forget his kiss with Shane Crowley by drowning himself in his work as a thief for the blood trade. When he finds it’s Shane’s blood his boss has decided to steal, Andres’s only option is to buy him for every drop he’ll ever produce. This act awakens something in Andres—new thoughts of ownership and chains that he believes could only ever be the desires of a monster.

Andres needs blood to live though, and he’s going to have it from Shane, even if it means donning a mask once more.

Between the strange desires Shane’s life as a part-time blood slave is stirring in him, and his investigations into the cycle of injustice that so many fanged citizens face, and texts with an odd new friend who feels vaguely familiar, Shane feels pulled in all directions. Little does he know all those paths lead back to the same vampire…


Main Characters: Bisexual Homoromantic, Diabetes (Type I), Neurodivergence (unspecified type), Transmasc (trans man), Non-binary he/they
Side Characters: Polyamory

Content Warnings

  • Two scenes in which the main character is bitten nonconsensually by the villains, one in which he is then drained of blood through phlebotomy until passing out, as well as memories and sensations of such scenarios emerging during PTSD, including one incident after volunteering for a blood draw, and multiple incidents of bodily reactions resulting in minor harm to their partner.
  • Multiple memories and strong feelings of guilt related to the violent death of a parental figure.Multiple scenes in which one of the main character’s boundaries are pushed by the other, in which this character consents but has complex feelings about doing so. The situation involves discussions of consent and culminates in both characters learning to navigate each other’s boundaries with healthy communication.
  • Consensual kinky role play involving obedience and servitude, including one extensive sex scene and another minor sexual occurrence.
  • A character vaguely describing being (nonconsensually) experimented on.
  • A run-in with the police that results in a character fleeing (successfully).
Series: Guides for Dating Vampires, Book 3
Genres: Bisexual/Biromantic, Fantasy, Gay, Non-Binary, Paranormal, Romance, Transgender
Publisher: The Kraken Collective
Publication Year: 2024
ISBN: 9781958051610
List Price: 16.99
eBook Price: 4.99
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